Promotion: All Platforms Bundle (One Time)

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  • $995 - One Time


Get your product, service, event, project or self seen by HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of highly targeted potential customers with a single promotional post on every platform, tailored for that platform to achieve best results.

Please contact us at before purchasing.

We reserve the right to properly vet each campaign based on their relevance to our audience. We only run 2 promotional e-mails per month to ensure the best response from our audience, and the best results for you. 

Book an open slot today. To avoid over-saturation of promotional content, we only run 1-3 promotions per month.


1 x E-mail blast: 55,000+ Targeted e-mails

* E-mail sent through our Marketing Software.

1 x Strategic Posts per Facebook Group

  • Running Motivation Group: 217K+ Members
  • Running Tips Group: 20K+ Members 
  • Running Motivation Women: 3K+ Members

1 x Strategic Posts per Facebook Page

  • Running & Workout Tips:137K+ Followers
  • I Love Running: 64K+ Followers 
  • Running Tips: 51K+ Followers
  • Running Motivation: 18K+ Followers

1 x Strategic Posts per Instagram Account

  • @FitnessRunningTips: 100K+ Followers
  • @Running.Globe: 108K+ Followers
  • @Running.Vibez: 55K+ Followers
  • @RunnersEnergy: 20K+ Followers
  • @Running.TV: 14K+ Followers
  • @RunningToday: 12K+ Followers
  • @RunNRG: 3K+ Followers

    • 55K+ highly targeted e-mails
    • 1M+ highly targeted followers / members
    • Highly engaged audience


    BUNDLE PRICE: $995 ($295 SAVINGS)


    E-mail sent through our Marketing Software.

    Strategy Consulting: Steve Farina will help craft a compelling message and even create a recommendation if we can see or trial the product/service first. 

    PLEASE NOTE: We cannot "guarantee" results. The success of any marketing campaign is based on a variety of factors, including an organic feeling message, compelling call to action, well-crafted content, and a website or landing page that converts. We'll make suggestions to help you maximize your reach and potential visitors, but we rely on you to deliver something of value that will convert.  

    Please contact to work out the details & timing of your campaign.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Go Guarded

    I have nothing but positive things to say about Steve and Run Your State. I highly recommend these services. Steve was fantastic to work with - very professional, personable, and with great insight. He is the real deal! The campaign he ran for Go Guarded was extremely effective. 100% worth it! On the first day alone, my sales were four to five times what they normally would be. And I have no doubt Steve helped me reached a ton of people who may become future customers the next time or two they see the product. My small investment in Run Your State promotion MORE than paid for itself. HIGHLY recommend!

    Brodie Sharpe
    A great business growth strategy

    When purchasing the promotional bundle I didn't really know what to expect. One major perk that blew me away was getting Steve's marketing insight and his expertise around advertising. Steve knew how to post my content across each platform in the most effective way possible and he continued to reiterate my ad copy until I was 100% satisfied. A highly professional and strategic way to promote a product or service.