Facebook Groups: All Access Pass (DIY)

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  • $550 / mo

  • Minimum 3-Month Commitment. Automatic Renewal, cancel any time.

  • Pre-Approved "Expert"Access to our Running Groups

  • Do-it-Yourself Program



As the creator of our highly engaged and highly targeted Facebook Groups, I have a consistent opportunity to share valuable content, generate leads, grow e-mail & SMS lists, grow social media channels (followers & subscribers), poll our audience for invaluable data & preferences, and get maximum visibility and exposure to land more clients and sell more product by way of providing CONSISTENT, PERSONAL VALUE. 

I realize others would love to gain access to this highly engaged audience without having your posts removed by an admin. 

Well, now you can. With the GROUPS ALL-ACCESS PASS (DIY) - you are pre-approved to create your content calendar and execute an ongoing content strategy: ask questions, create surveys, run live videos, create events, and share your content to get the exposure you need. 

Essentially, I'm letting you tap in to what I've grown inside Facebook Groups. 

Note: This is a DIY (Do it Yourself) program: Steve will get you started, but it's up to you to develop an understanding of Facebook Groups & Facebook's algorithm, develop a content strategy, design & create your own content, write your own compelling copy, and execute against your plan. 

If you'd prefer to strategize with Steve on an ongoing basis (recommended), you should consider the Ultimate Growth Package, WITH ongoing consulting from Steve. In this scenario, Steve will help you plan, create, and execute against your goals. For brands serious about growing their online presence and exceeding their goals, give this some strong consideration. 

Now: there are certain limitations: Your content must be relevant and there are guidelines for the number of times you can post per day and how many times per month you can ASK or create a call-to-action. You must understand the importance of giving value first. 

  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • YouTube Channels
  • Bloggers
  • App Creators
  • Passionate Owners of Brands 

... This is an incomparable opportunity to share your message and value with the right people and expose them to your offering and grow yourself. 


* NOTE: As a part of this package, your team will be invited to our groups and labeled a "group expert" or similar to effectively share your story, run polls, and engage with members in a meaningful way: one that creates brand recognition and drives results.


WHAT IT'S NOT This is NOT an opportunity to grow or promote a separate group, or spam the group with offers. 


*** BILLED MONTHLY -- $550/mo

Terms must be discussed with Steve Farina. 

Steve has the right to terminate access and refund on a pro-rated basis if terms are broken several times after fair warning. 

Customer Reviews

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Valuable guidance and experience

Steve met with me over a series of emails and zoom calls to offer his guidance and expertise for free. He helped advise me on the best ways to grow my online community of running enthusiasts. After speaking with Steve for some months I decided to purchase the DIY access pass to his groups which gave me unrestricted access to post what I liked. Steve continued to provide mentorship based on his experience, encouraging story telling and the best way to get his audience to respond, whom he knows very well. I’d strongly recommend Steve, his experience and the online communities he’s worked so hard to build.