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  • $250 / mo

  • Minimum 1-Month Commitment. Automatic Renewal, cancel any time.

  • Receive the "Advertiser"Role on our Running Pages for direct access to our audience

  • Do-it-Yourself Program




As the creator of our network of running-specific Facebook Pages, we've spent years and thousands of dollars to amass one of the most highly targeted and engaging running followings on facebook. 

Running Facebook ads from scratch (even with highly specific parameters set) is costly, and you're never sure if you're ACTUALLY getting in front of an audience that's relevant to your brand. 

Our followers have willingly raised their hand by engaging with our content. 

With this purchase, you gain ADVERTISER access to our entire network of pages in Business Manager, which enables you to run UNLIMITED ads (separately at your expense). You can choose to either market from our page or as "paid sponsorship" with our page. Either way, you're getting direct access to our audience. 



Get "Advertiser" Access on each of our prominent Facebook Pages:

  • Running & Workout Tips: 137K+ Followers
  • I Love Running: 64K+ Followers 
  • Running Tips: 51K+ Followers
  • Running Motivation: 18K+ Followers

* NOTE: As a part of this package, your team will be granted "Advertiser" access to our pages within Facebook Business Manager and enabled to run ads directly or "in collaboration with" our pages. This allows you to reach our targeted audience directly without having to play Facebook's frustrating iOS14 challenges.


*** BILLED MONTHLY -- $250/mo

Terms must be discussed with Steve Farina. 

Steve Farina has the right to terminate access and refund on a pro-rated basis if terms are broken several times after fair warning. 

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